Ankuran Archon



Archon Anasta is one of the council’s younger members at roughly thirty years, a stout woman who never displays even a hint of fear or unease in the face of even her most ruthless and powerful political enemies. Her long black hair – common in Ankuran natives – clashes with vivid purple eyes that fuel rumors of foreign (or non-human) ancestry.


  • Anasta is a shrewd negotiator, though she puts more focus into pitting her enemies against one another than making allies of her own.
  • She is very proud, and having to be assisted while injured bothers her more than she admits.
  • Despite her reputation for being tough, she is completely out of her element and would probably join Turannos if she were physically able.


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Anasta’s father named her as his successor and inheritor of his office despite her having an older brother and sister, because she had always demonstrated more patience and intelligence than her siblings. Since his death, she has been one of the most disruptive elements of the council, paying little respect or loyalty to the crown and constantly calling into question the benefits of age-old treaties, laws, and traditions.

She was resolutely opposed to Hikari’s inheritance and even proposed abolishing the crown entirely, but did her best to dissuade the council from going to war with Medo so hastily.


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