Flashy spear thrower



  • Arobah, known for his fierce eyes and high energy, often wears only a chain shirt over his normal clothing, in order for quick movement and easy spear throwing.


  • Flashy, loves to show off his tumbles and acrobatic feats while training with his weapon, but isn’t arrogant.
  • Talkative. While not always talking about himself, it is his favorite subject.


  • Grew up very poor and was asked by his paretns to go out and seek work in the neighboring town. He did so by becoming the entertainment in the local market, doing falls, juggling, telling jokes, collecting any coins dropped at his feet.
  • One day, after walking the few miles back to his parent’s farm, he saw his entire home engulfed in flames with no sign of his parents. After searching for days for them, he decided to take any money he had earned from days before and salvaged from the wreckage and make his way to Shenzen. He worked from town to town until he overheard a legionary leader speak of her work, trying to help the poor outside of Shenzen. Inspired by her story, he asked to join her team. He’s since moved from scale to scale, always making friends with his friendly personality and intriguing stories.




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