Medoan of the Kohyarin Clan


“Good gods. What in Creation am I supposed to do with you?”


A tan-skinned young woman in her mid twenties. Her layered Medoan tunics are slightly too large for her, and her long black hair is always messy. Weariness shows through her posture and the dark circles around her eyes, but her voice carries an irrepressible and magnetic optimism.


  • Ayal is easily frustrated and tends to deflect irritations with sarcasm.
  • Her self-confidence is very rarely affected by shows of authority or power – she’s difficult to impress.
  • She treats most people the same regardless of age or station.


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Ayal grew up with Sezen, studying the healing arts under Kohyar’s elder physician. She and Sezen both quickly surpassed him, though she never learned quite as much as her friend. Despite Sezen being older and better at their studies, Ayal always treated her like a younger sister and often joked about being saddled with such a burden. As a woman, she took over her old mentor’s position and found herself in a role of great civic and spiritual influence – one that she’s halfheartedly tried many times to reject in favor of simply healing the sick.

When the Kohyarin Clan was nearly wiped out by the Fair Folk, Ayal was one of the few left. Her leadership and knowledge of medicine have become even more important since then, and she has found herself coming into conflict frequently with Ildemir.


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