Burnished Fang

Celestial Lion, estranged from Heaven


“Your duty is a privilege. You burden is an honor. You cannot fail – you can only forsake it.”


Burnished Fang appears as a great lion, a statue carved of solid gold standing seven feet tall at the shoulder. The years in the underworld have worn down his surface, leaving it pitted, scratched, and dulled. Dust and dirt has settled into the intricate details of his hide, but he still shines.


  • Perfectly stoic, he can spend years at a time in still vigilance.
  • When he speaks, his voice carries an uncannily commanding authority as a former censor of Heaven.
  • He is always brief and to the point. Never rude or insulting, but not given to social niceties or superficial politeness.
  • The highest form of respect he is liable to demonstrate is a simple bow of his head.


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When the dust of the usurpation settled and the solar ghosts were appeased with vast tombs, elaborate burials, and opulent grave goods, a few guardians were sent to their graves to ensure that they were at rest. Burnished Fang found Adenos still grieving over his daughter’s death and his failure as a king, and stood for years as a jailer before approaching the ghost. The two had been friends before Adenos’ descent into madness, and Burnished Fang saw some of his old friend again in the underworld. He stayed even after it became clear that the former king was not a threat to Creation. Ostensibly he has remained as a jailer all this time, but in reality he sought only to keep Adenos company until he could finally pass in lethe (and to leave the petty squabbles of Yu Shan to its residents).

Burnished Fang

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