Cathak Ralin

Eager young Wood Aspect



Cathak Ralin, a Wood Aspect, is one of the youngest dynasts in the Fourth Legion. His armor looks just a bit too large for him, but he carries it and his sword with practiced ease. Though he isn’t the largest or strongest Exalt in the army, he embodies the upright soldier spoken of in the Thousand Correct Actions, always alert and attentive, standing tall, determined, and fearless. At least until recently, when he lost half of his left arm – he is still visibly shaken by the maiming injury.


  • Ralin is an eager junior officer – he gives orders and accepts them with full faith in the legion and his training, though his lack of experience shows in the details that he often forgets, or mistakes that do not account for real world circumstances.
  • A relatively naive young Exalt with deeply held aspirations of heroism (despite what the Thousand Correct Actions has to say about the matter), he is still sometimes surprised by the brutality of the Legion and its enemies.
  • He treats his mortal soldiers more respectfully than most of the other Exalted officers do, but there are signs that this comes partially from uncertainty in his own leadership.
  • He has become more withdrawn since losing his arm.


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Cathak Ralin came from a line of Cathak patricians that had not borne an Exalted child in generations. He grew up hearing tales of great Exalted heroes in his house and hoping to join them but knowing that he could not. When he took his second breath, he felt that he was living a dream – but one that slowly unraveled as he left his family behind and began to face the realities of the Realm’s hierarchy. He never gave up hope that he would be leader within House Cathak and the Scarlet Empire, however, and has earnestly done his best to fulfill every duty given to him.

Cathak Ralin

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