Cathak Ryoka

Field Force Commander of the Fourth Legion


“Can you still carry your spear? Good. Fall in line.”


Cathak Ryoka is a tall, handsome woman who exudes the strength and authority of a centuries-old exalted soldier. She takes the battlefield in a full suit of white jade plate, intricately detailed with patterns of the five elements cascading across its surface, and wields her family’s ancestral black jade spear, Summit. She carries this equipment as comfortably as though she were born into it. Creases in the skin of her face and a few streaks of grey in the black hair that she ties behind her head mark her as one of the oldest exalts in Realm’s legions.


  • A woman of few words, Ryoka expects her orders be heard and obeyed without complaint or question.
  • Her command responsibility is a source of both weariness and strength, and she carries herself with the discipline that she demands from all of her soldiers.
  • She is a cunning tactician, and just as clever in her social engagements, though she keeps this hidden behind a facade of military stoicism.


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Like many young Dynasts of the Scarlet Empire, Cathak Ryoka joined the legions to establish her credentials as a soldier and an officer to support her political career back on the Blessed Isle. She took to it and rose up through the ranks with ease, until the blame for a series of poorly managed battles was hung around her neck by her commander (who saw her as a threat to his ambitions of eventually ruling House Cathak). Lacking the temperament or the credibility for the Isle’s politics, Ryoka elected to remain with the legions, where her discipline, strategic acumen and combat prowess speak for themselves.

Recently, Cathak Ryoka was engaged as a Field Force Commander in a campaign against a vicious barbarian assault on the outskirts of Greyfalls. When House Cathak saw the opportunity to push House Tepet out of Ankura and claim both it and Medo as its own, it tasked a large contingent of the Fourth Legion with ending the brewing war. Cathak Demu and Cathak Ryoka both advised their house that it would likely not be as easy as expected – and that it would leave Greyfalls vulnerable – but their complaints were ignored in favor of wishful thinking for a painless political victory.

Cathak Ryoka

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