Cathak Telit

Detached Fire Aspect paramour



Cathak Telit stands taller than most, with thin, sharp facial features. He carries a sword and ornate legion armor, but his preferred weapon is his bow. He keeps his hair in a neat ponytail, and maintains a cleaner appearance than any of his compatriots, no matter the circumstances. He always looks like he would be more suited to a formal social gathering than a battlefield, and somehow comes out of every fight clean.


  • Telit is irritatingly aloof most of the time, and often sits off to the side with a knowing smile on his face while the rest of the legion strategizes or prepares for battle.
  • His black humor gets him in trouble, or would if he weren’t the grandson of Cathak Cainan (head of House Cathak).
  • He wiles away the time at camp gambling with his soldiers (and anyone else willing to play for silver), with seemingly little regard for their difference in station.


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Though Telit always enjoyed archery for sport and is excellent at it, he never expressed the kind of interest in military affairs expected by his House – especially as a Cathak so closely related to the head of the house. He wiled away most of his younger days seducing men and women in the courts of the Imperial City while deftly evading any serious diplomatic proposals, until his family lost patience with him. They sent him to the legions where he has made his displeasure and lack of interest in warfare plain to all. Even when rebuked or disciplined for laziness, fraternization, and insubordination, his behavior remained unchanged as he waited for his family to forget its frustration and welcome him back to the Blessed Isle.

Cathak Telit

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