Humbled brawler and ex-legionary



Often reffered to as a bully, Edy is of above average height, thick, and mean. The scar on his left cheek serves as his favorite conversation piece. When in battle, he ties his long brown hair up, displaying it proudly.


  • Rude, Arrogant.


  • Enlisted in the legion after destroying a neighboring village’s pub when they ran out of drink in order to avoid jail time. Blames others for his misfortune and acts out to those he fears he is inferior to. The only reason he stayed in the legion is because he is a very proficient close combat fighter.
  • Hated Xun as soon as she showed up, jealous of how her hard work paid off, but came to respect her after she won a fight he started between them and she didn’t have him punished or killed.


  • Minor: Respect for Xun (+)
  • Minor: Dislikes Galyn and Keti for becoming more trusted associated of Xun (-)
  • Major: Dislike of exalts-jealous of their power (-) [This may definitely come into play with Xun’s new power]


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