Karaschin Outrider


“Come now, no need to be upset. How about we punch one another a bit and have a drink?”


Ethem is a solidly built warrior, a bearded young man with signs of age brought on by years riding the foothills of the Almaj Mountains. Clad in layered furs and leather armor to shield him from the elements, and a black cloak bearing the sigil of his clan. An old scar cuts down the left side of his face into his beard.


  • Ethem is generally friendly and welcoming to outsiders.
  • Despite his approachable demeanor, he has no qualms about employing violence either in battle or in matters of personal or clan honor.
  • He is quick with a smile, though it can be hard to spot behind his beard.


  • Minor Principle: Maybe I can affect Medo’s course.
  • ???


Ethem grew up in the fortress city of Karasch and married into the family of Voivode Tamaj’s neice, Ruya. He spent all his life learning to be a warrior, and has never known any other way of life. He was fortunate enough not to be selected as one of the Scarlet Empire’s tributes, though the last several years have faced him and his men with more monstrous threats from Medo’s many shadowlands and the Fair Folk to the north than he has ever known, and he fears for the future of his clan and his own life.


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