Galdo of Thorns

Brutal axe-fighter



Galdo is an average sized man with a shaved head and bushy black beard. While his body looks young and strong, his grey-blue eyes show a much older man filled with sorrow. He dresses in practical leather armor with straps that support the two handed ax on his back.


  • Galdo is a quiet man that rarely talks about himself or his past.
  • He likes to keep busy by being the first to volunteer for any task and becomes restless with inaction.
  • Very few things incite a reaction from Galdo. Those that are able to egg Galdo on usually don’t live long.


  • Major: Hatred towards Mask of Winter
  • Defining: Keep moving or the memories (of Thorns in particular) will catch up with me
  • Minor: Respect for Verus


Once a spice merchant in the Great Bazaar of Thorns turned ruthless warrior during the Deathlord’s siege on the city. Instead of saving himself, Galdo fought to get as many refugees out of Thorns as possible before the Mask of Winter could finalize his claim on the land. (WIP)

Galdo of Thorns

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