Ban of the Kohyarin Clan



Ildemir is an old man, older than most mortals live in the Age of Sorrows. His beard is more grey than brown and his skin is weathered and rough. As a Ban, he normally dresses in Medoan finery, but lately he has let it become ragged and filthy. He walks with a limp and carries a staff to hold himself upright.


  • He is extremely suspicious of outsiders, and is even beginning to see treachery within what remains of his clan.
  • Having spent his entire life riding the Medoan plains and now being unable to mount a horse thanks to an injury sustained during the Fair Folk attack, he is given to bouts of nostalgia.
  • As much as he is untrusting, grieving, and bitter, Ildemir is also tired. He will sometimes stop a conversation mid-argument and leave the room.


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Ildemir spent most of his adult life as a Medoan outrider and Ban of the Kohyarin Clan, cousin to its Voivode. Over the years he clashed with bandits, rival clans, goblins, and even malevolent ghosts from Medo’s shadowlands.

A staunch traditionalist, he would have given his niece Sezen a cold reception under the best of circumstances when she returned from her years with the Imperial Legion. She had taken in too much of the Scarlet Empire’s ways over the years, and lost the right to truly call herself a Medoan. While she was gone, however, a massive Fair Folk raiding party killed or captured over half of Kohyar’s people, including Sezen’s mother – his sister – and his cousin, the Voivode. When Sezen returned, she served only as a reminder of what the clan had lost and he all but cast her out.

Permanently injured and unable to take up the title of Voivode, he leads the Kohyarin people as a Ban and despairs to see the seat remain empty. He refuses to entertain any other possible leaders, however, privately convinced that the clan’s days are over.


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