Ledaal Nara

Intense Earth Aspect soldier and Immaculate adherent



Ledaal Nara is a young Earth Aspect who projects herself almost as a monk of the Immaculate Order. Her head is shaved and she wields a massive black jade tetsubo, and though she wears simple robes over her polished steel plate and chain armor, they are cut from fine red silk. When not covered in armor, Nara’s physical strength is made obvious by her musculature, and even her fellow exalted consider her an imposing and formidable figure.


  • Nara often works words of the Immaculate Philosophy into unrelated conversations, as if to remind others of its universal importance or convince them of her own devotion.
  • She pretends to be above soldiering, though she has taken very naturally to it since joining the Fourth Legion.
  • Nara rarely even acknowledges the mortal soldiers in her army, and will look at them pointedly askance when addressed by one.


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House Ledaal has always taken a heavy role in the Immaculate Order on the Blessed Isle, and more of its scions take up the calling of monks than any other Great House. Nara started down this path herself, and even learned and contemplated the beginnings of the Earth Dragon Style of martial arts, but quickly decided that she could better serve the Immaculate Order by joining the legions and supporting it through more conventional political channels.

Ledaal Nara

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