Spunky, young archer



  • Normal build, with thin, often braided medium brown hair, bright green eyes, and very clean.


  • Kind, tactful and pragmatic, shares very little about himself, but only because the pain of his grandfather’s passing makes it very difficult to open up.
  • A bit of a neat freak. He understands that dirt and grime are an every day occurrence, but he tries his best to fight it. He’s frequently found by the rivers and lakes (when possible) washing, polishing, and cleaning both himself and his gear.


  • Grew up in a small ankuran village with his grandfather, a competitive and very successful bow hunter in his day. He showed Niry how to make his own arrows and how to shoot from a very young age. On his 19th birthday, his grandfather made for him a beautiful rosewood bow that he keeps and uses it to this day. After his only family passed, he made his way to Shenzen in hopes of opening a shop there, but was stopped by the legion on his way in. One man, Tezel, convinced him to put his skills to better use and join the Thirteenth legion, which has now been his home.


  • Minor: Admires any who can wield a bow with great skill (+)
  • Minor: Grateful for Xun coming back for him when he was taken by the Fourth legion (+)


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