Champion of the Ardent Blade



Ophira is a fierce-eyed warrior who wears steel armor which appears to have once been a work of art, just like the twin swords slung across her back. Now she wears it piecemeal over her thick traveling clothes and cloth wraps – whatever is still intact after the blows that nearly killed her tore it apart. A fresh scar traces a line across the bridge of her nose.


  • Ophira moves and observes her surroundings like a predator waiting to strike, and never seems to let her guard down.
  • She is staunchly loyal to the Ardent Blade and its code of martial honor, though she has little to say about Ankura’s leadership.
  • She is quick to act when the situation calls for it, preferring ill-advised action to none at all.
  • She seems to regard most of Ankura’s soldiers with a mix of disdain and pity, the Realm’s soldiers with barely hidden contempt


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Ophira is the niece of the late Archon Kairos, and left behind her wealth and influence to join the Ardent Blade. She was already an accomplished swordsman when she joined, and spent years honing her combat skills to become its finest warrior in living memory. With their estranged daughter famed and regarded by many as the greatest fighter in all of Ankura, her family never stopped trying to draw her back to them or use her for influence with the Council of Archons or the crown. She has spent the last decade trying to avoid involvement with them (when she wasn’t winning battles and duels both).

In the first fight she ever lost, Ophira came within an inch of death, mauled, clawed, and crushed by the monstrous denizens of an undead army even as she cut them down with her swords. Miraculously, she made a full recovery within a single day.


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