Otinitus (Oti)

Sneaky, rat-like scout



  • Thin, ragged, and ghostly. His hair, always slicked back, accentuates his pointed features.


  • Manipulative, backstabbing,


  • Came to the legion a few months ago, begging entrance after his mother was brutally murdered. It’s been questioned if the murderer was a vagrant in the night or himself, but nothing was ever proven. He tried making friends with the other recruits, but quickly lost them after he tried turning them on each other, twisting their words. He’s known to most to be distrustful, but follows orders well, probably because it serves himself and thinks it’s the best way to get into a more commanding position.
  • In order to help alleviate conflict, his superiors set him up to be a scout. This suits him well as spying on others is his favorite pastime.

Minor Tie: Slight respect for Xun after saving him (+)
Minor Tie: Awe and appreciation of fourth legions’s cunning to attract Xun.


Otinitus (Oti)

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