Sesus Chenow Redobu

Insufferable dragon-blooded noble



Sesus Chenow Redobu tends to present either as an insufferably smug Realm noble or a deadly menacing warrior, depending on circumstances. He is slightly shorter than average, with black hair and tanned skin, and the handsome angular features of his great grandfather. He wields a red jade daiklave, Seething Drake, whose razor sharp edge is etched with the patterns of cooling lava flows, and wears ornate jade lamellar into battle.


  • He is arrogant, often dismissive of those he deems weak or unimportant.
  • Redobu is short-tempered and prone to disproportional violence when provoked or angered, though he usually stops short of fatal injuries outside of actual combat.
  • His edges softened somewhat by his friendship with Jita, he manages a grudging respect for Xun Ra after all of their shared experience. He now seems conflicted about her power, and doesn’t know who to attack over it.


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Redobu was raised to be a soldier in a house of ruthless and ambitious warriors. He never paid any particular heed to the Immaculate Philosophy beyond appreciating it as a justification for his standing over the people of the Scarlet Empire and the Threshold lands that his house would conquer and enslave. Likewise, he never gave much attention to the strategic lessons of old exalted generals, even when he demonstrated a knack for tactical thinking himself. He simply embraced his role as an instrument of violence, leaving discussions of morality, propriety, and philosophy to those more suited to them.

When he was taken from his house’s military and assigned to House Tepet’s satrap in Ankura, he protested angrily, but someone far more influential had already pulled the necessary strings. He ended up becoming fast friends with Tepet Jita while there, even though the two were absolutely nothing alike.

Sesus Chenow Redobu

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