Cheerful, ex-legionary swordfighter


Two sisters, two sisters walk by the seashore, the oldest pushed the youngest o’er..


  • Plump, rounded face with thick fingers that seemed to have found a home holding his broadsword. His deep, gravely voice can often be heard singing songs to the other soldiers in the night.


  • Jovial, kind, wise


  • One of the oldest fighters without a higher ranking. Depending on how well he likes you, the story of where he came from would change, anywhere from Shenzen’s richest streets to depths of the Shadowlands themselves.
  • His stories, though often heavily embellished, landed him a comfortable position in the legionary, well respected and thought of as the grandfather of his Thirteenth legion’s scale.
  • Tends to help the youngest legionary members with extra training, especially Otinitus, who seems to not be very well liked by the others.


  • Major: Fiercely loyal to all other members of his scale (+)
  • Minor: Dislikes Edy’s arrogance (-)
  • Minor: Cares for Oti, the youngest of the group, concerned how he’ll fair now that Xun’s group is in “enemy” territory. (+)


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