Ushan the Learned

Ancestor of the Kohyarin Clan



Ushan appears as a tall, handsome middle-aged man with a neatly trim beard and unnaturally pale skin. He dresses in ancient finery overlaid with light chain and ornate silver pauldrons.


  • Ushan is graceful, even regal, in his dealings with his people. He regards them coldly but addresses their concerns with genuine interest.
  • He often takes some time to respond when addressed, taking great care with his words.
  • More unsettling than his ghostly pallor are his eyes, which strike most witnesses as hollow and dead.


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Ushan was one of the greatest leaders in the Kohyarin Clan’s history. He had the wisdom to join the Touman Prince during the formation of the Medoan Empire, and served as one of his most valued advisors, making the clan a strong and respected part of Medo’s history. Together, the Toumanin and the Kohyarin united all of Medo.

Centuries later, he has returned in the clan’s time of need to lead it back to strength and give it the future that it deserves.

Ushan the Learned

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