Military Physician



Yalena is barely more than a girl, though her apparent youth contrasts with her tattered traveling clothes matted with layers of blood. She tries to keep her hands clean, though her face and light brown hair are often dirty while in the field with the Ankuran army. She dresses plainly – most of what she owns designed for warmth or protection – but her cloak is held in place with a heavy silver pin in the shape of fox’s head.


  • Unaccustomed to her current responsibilities, Yalena is easily flustered.
  • She no longer hesitates to commandeer able-bodied soldiers capable of following instructions – particularly those without immediate supervisors – to tend the wounded or dispose of the dead.
  • She avoids making eye contact with most soldiers.


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Yalena served as the apprentice to a traveling mercenary physician who joined the retinue of the larger Ankuran army when it marched. She spent the better part of her young adult life learning from him on the road, having entered his service when her family didn’t have the silver to pay for his skills. He was killed in the underworld, leaving her and a too-little number of other half-trained healers serving various commanders and Archons to tend the force’s staggering number of wounded.


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