Stick Person

Indistinguishable from normal sticks when motionless, these small (but potent) elementals watch over the forest glens of the many Kings of the Wood, though they are also found elsewhere in the forest. These creatures begin life as twigs and branches still attached to certain ancient trees, usually spruce or redwood. They are eventually able to break free, but they are thereafter tied to the life of this tree. If it were to be cut down or otherwise destroyed, the stick person would be no more.

Very playful and often in remarkably high spirits, these elementals play games and execute practical jokes when not vigilantly protecting their masters. They are also fond of attaching giant leaves to their bodies, effectively transforming themselves into gliders. Very rarely, one might spot one of these unusual conveyances drifting quietly through the trees. Help is always offered to friendly petitioners, though stick people have poor memories and may need to be reminded several times.

Seeing themselves as defenders of all that is good or true in the forest, they can be comically valiant, dressed in leaves cut to resemble a soldier’s uniform and carrying tiny carved wooden swords and bows. Size-wise, they can be anywhere from two to four feet in height and have tiny heads the size of a fist, with miniature smiles and disproportionately large black eyes.

Stick people sometimes grow small orange berries from their thinner branches. These berries, when eaten by a mortal, cause amusing hallucinations to randomly spring into sight over the course of the day (stick people incessantly request descriptions of these hallucinations).

Essence: 1; Willpower: 5; Join Battle: 7 dice
Health Levels: -0/-1/-2×2/-4/Incap.
Actions: Climbing and Jumping: 7 dice; Senses: 5 dice; Stealth: 8 dice (see Tiny Creature);
Resolve 2, Guile 2

Attack (Claw): 6 dice (2). Damage increases to 8 against enemies of the stick person’s size or smaller.
Attack (Sword): 6 dice (2). Damage increases to 8 against enemies the stick person’s size or smaller.
Attack (Grapple): 4 dice (5 dice to control). Can only grapple enemies of their size or smaller. They cannot throw/slam grappled enemies.
Combat Movement: 7 dice
Evasion 2, Parry 1 (see Tiny Creature)
Soak/Hardness: 2/0


Tiny Creature: Stick people add +2 Evasion against any attack made by a larger foe. In addition, larger characters subtract two successes from any Awareness-based roll made to notice it.

Stillness: A stick person can remain absolutely, perfectly still, adding +3 to the difficulty of sight or scent based Perception rolls to detect it in the forest.

Rejuvenation: When in contact with their tree, they immediately begin healing one health level per turn and begin rejuvenating their Essence.


Forest Travel (?m; Reflexive; One Scene): This charm allows the stick person to travel quickly and easily through even the most dense and difficult parts of the forest, either walking through thick underbrush and massive roots, or gliding between branches.

Stick Person

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